Friday, July 29, 2011

The Future of Learning & Technology

This is a 25 min version of a presentation that I gave to my colleagues in the BP Leadership Learning and Development team. Best viewed at 720p, fullscreen (click play then change the option in the lower right):


  1. Bruce8:47 AM

    Best 25 minutes I've spent in a while. Out of interest what was the technology you used to so beautifully show the timeline of your slides/visuals

  2. Glad you liked it ;o) I used BeeDocs Timeline - which sadly only exists for the mac. I exported as a movie, then used a rather clunky approach (camtasia studio 7) to capture playback while I voiced over using my Zoom Q3, synching the wav with the movie in the timeline, then exporting again (only to find it was a few minutes too long for YouTube - doh!)

  3. Hey, Nick. You and I both started our learning careers in flight simulation. It taught me the basics of what I still do. Great video, well done!

  4. Interesting presentation Nick,I liked your views on Gen Next 'always on'learning. Any thoughts on how learning professional can adapt to future technological changes as most facilitators are trained in traditional technologies and this may be a challenge.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Nick. That was a very interesting presentation. I especially liked the "call to arms" about remembering the real benefits / reason for creating eLearning and how this was linked to the new opportunities social and mobile media add to the equation.

  6. Really enjoyed this and agreed with it all. Only one thing puzzled me, the repeated statement that 'compliance training' will increase. I know of many people who'd like some species of compliance training to be reduced or eliminated altogether. However, you may be referring to specifically to compliance within BP - that I can see.

  7. Nick,

    Excellent history and context for action around learning!

    I'm inspired to compare the field of learning with my field of business process; there are intriguing parallels, although with business process there seems to be a bigger gap between the executive suite than there is on the topic of learning and education.

    Many people (rightly or wrongly) at least imagine themselves as involved in training, learning and education, both as consumers and also as producers. This is not so much the case with business process -- although my position is that eventually line of business and executive suite cadres will have to step up on business process.

    And then lastly, my justification for this lengthy comment is the strong interrelationship between learning and process management, which to me became increasingly apparent during your presentation.

    (Just for the record, I realize that "BP" in your context does not refer to "business process"!)

    Again, thank you for a really wonderful and thoughtful discussion about learning directions!

    John Morris
    Business Decision Models Inc.
    Twitter johnhmorris

  8. Good thoughts.
    I kept going with it because of the recommendation (C Jennings) via Twitter. Which is to say that my attention wandered from time to time. (eg in the manner of "I wonder where he got that image, and what was his reason for including it ...?)
    Can't help but be surprised that screen death will come soon. But that idea made me sit up!.

  9. Seriously GOOD. V.interestG
    Thanks 4 sharing